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Service Business Opportunities

Wood Defender Fence Staining and Deck Staining Business

Standard Paints, Inc. offers service business opportunities that are ideal for enterprising entrepreneurs. In today’s uncertain economic climate homeowners are increasingly concerned about protecting the investments they’ve made in their homes. Combined with the rising costs of lumber and labor, more and more homeowners are turning to staining as a cost effective way to protect their fencing and decking.

TruckStandard Paints’ Wood Defender can help you take advantage of the rapidly expanding service business opportunity created by this trend. Wood Defender offers low start up costs,  no franchise fees, complete training and a well respected product line with growing brand recognition among consumers.

Of the thousands of fences and decks built each year, the vast majority go untreated at the time of their construction. Most commercially available stains are difficult to apply and the process is time consuming. Most also provide short lived protection so the process must be repeated often. Finally, most of these products are universal in nature, so they are not designed to meet the specific demands presented by deck and fence applications. Consequently, they do not deliver optimal performance of longevity.

Wood Defender is the Service Business Solution

We offer a complete line of contractor-grade wood stains and sealers. Our specially formulated, deep penetrating, modified oil wood stains and sealers provide superior coverage and require no back brushing.  For the customer, that means long lasting beauty and durability and money savings over time. It also means a remarkable service business opportunity. 

Affordable Start Up Costs

The Wood Defender business is among the most affordable service business opportunities available. We have a variety of packages designed to suit your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a part time opportunity to supplement your existing income or looking to launch a full time career, we offer a package to suit your needs and your budget, ranging from $8,599 to $16,779.

The low initial investment has made it possible for men and women from diverse backgrounds to get started in their own service business. Our partners include teachers, firemen, office workers and others who have found Wood Defender to be the perfect second income stream. Our partners also include individuals who have made the Wood Defender opportunity a full time career and generate millions in sales each year.  With Wood Defender, the only limitations are those you set yourself. Click to learn more about our service business opportunities.


Fast Return on Investment

The low start up cost combined with an average profit margin of approximately 70% over materials means that you’ll see a return on investment more quickly than with most other service business opportunities. Our training will show you how to maximize your ROI on every job. Using our proven methods and pricing structures, you’ll have the skills needed to professionally stain up to 200’ ft. of fencing in less than an hour while generating a profit of over $700. As you can see, no matter which package you choose, it doesn’t take long for you to recoup your initial start up cost and begin generating a significant income.

You Own the Business

We’re dedicated to the success of your business, whether part- or full-time. That’s why, in addition to teaching you professional wood staining techniques, we teach you the skills you need to successfully run your own business. Unlike some service business opportunities, Wood Defender is not a franchise business. That means no franchise fees. On the contrary, we actually pay royalties to our valued partners through the Wood Defender United Program.

The Time is Now

Whether looking for a second income stream as a hedge against economic uncertainty or looking to launch a new career, there has simply never been a better time to consider a service business opportunity and there’s no better choice than Wood Defender.  Contact us today to learn more about the limitless opportunities that await you as a Wood Defender contractor.  Call today!

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