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The Contractor's Choice for Maximum Performance and Durability


Contractor-grade commercial wood stains and sealers, Wood Defender® products and fence staining equipment have been designed to increase your productivity, saving you both time and money.

Our deep penetrating modified oil formula ensures superior results every time in just one application with No Back Brushing!

Our stains wipe off most metal, glass and non-porous surfaces; therefore, cleanup is less time consuming.

For a streak-free professional finish on your next job, choose Wood Defender®.

Since 1952, contractors have trusted Standard Paints for VOC compliant and environmentally friendly products.

Standard Paints, Inc. offers three oil-based products in the Wood Defender® line.

Each of these products is formulated for a specific application and incorporates the latest technology and finest raw materials available to give them unparalleled performance for their suited application.

They are each manufactured with stringent quality control to guarantee consistent performance.

Each of these products is virtually "Goof Proof", being extremely easy to apply.

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain: Transparent Fence Stain: Transparent Deck Stain:

By saturating the surface of the lumber, the Wood Defender® product penetrates into the substrate leaving the fence with an even, uniform coating.

Some of the materials include:

No back brushing is required. The products are superior to competitive products that leave runs, drips and an uneven appearance.

The fact that this product is so easy to apply coupled with the fact that it wipes off most non-porous surfaces makes it the contractors' choice.