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Fence Sealer by Wood Defender®

Choosing the right fence sealer will ensure that your wood privacy fence has the protection it needs to stand up to the elements, and retain its beauty for years to come.

Your wood privacy fence is an investment that increases the value of your home, provides security, and enhances your family’s overall quality of life. Wood Defender® fence sealer provides you with a convenient, effective and economical way to protect that investment, and prolong the life of your wood fencing.

Wood Defender® fence sealer is available in transparent and semitransparent finishes to meet your specific taste and needs.

Semitransparent Sealer

Our semitransparent fence sealer incorporates opaque pigmentation to give your wood fencing a stained appearance. Our semitransparent fence sealant provides maximum UV protection and square foot per gallon coverage. Wood Defender® semitransparent fence sealer is available in a wide range of tints, and is backed by our 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, making it our most popular fence sealer for use by fencing contractors across the U.S.

Transparent Sealer

Our transparent fence sealer incorporates ultra-fine Trans Oxide pigments which provide excellent UV protection while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Wood Defender® transparent fence sealer is the ideal choice for use on new redwood and cedar fencing, as well as exotic and tropical hardwoods. Our transparent fence sealer is backed by a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Easy Application

Our fence sealers are formulated to provide maximum protection, and are easy to apply no matter what your level of experience.

Unlike most other fence sealants on the market, Wood Defender® fence sealers are designed to penetrate deep into the wood to provide a uniform appearance, and eliminates the need for back brushing or back rolling to hide lap marks and runs.

Clean Up

Let’s face it, even an experienced professional can make mistakes when applying fence sealer. With Wood Defender® fence sealers, making those mistakes disappear up is a snap. Our transparent and semitransparent sealers can be quickly and easily cleaned from most nonporous surfaces including patio furniture, painted surfaces, siding, glass, smooth masonry and even automotive finishes without a trace.


Our exclusive modified oil formula produces no surface film. This makes re-coating with Wood Defender® fence sealer easy. In many cases there is no need for prep work prior to re-spraying, which makes routine re-sealing your fence less time consuming and less costly.

Wood Defender® fence sealers offer long lasting protection and easy application. It’s no wonder discriminating homeowners and fencing contractors alike choose Wood Defender® fence sealers.